Grand Investment Expertise & Proven Success

Trusted Partners in Property & Debt Acquisition

For over 30 years, Grand Investment Group has been a trusted partner for institutional sellers and investors, specializing in acquiring debt and managing prime real estate properties across the United States. Our proven track record of navigating market cycles since 1990 has allowed us to secure distressed debt and properties at attractive valuations, as well as revitalizing and managing properties to maximize their full potential.

Our Core Competencies

Our core competencies lie unlocking hidden value in undervalued properties, including distressed assets through strategic note-in-default acquisition, innovative revitalization, asset management, and building enduring value in key target markets.

Property &
Debt Acquisition

Through careful analysis and strategic decision-making, we identify and acquire prime properties and distressed debt opportunities with significant potential for growth.

Distressed Assets

We specialize in revitalizing properties burdened by a note-in-default, maximizing their value through expert asset management and innovative solutions.

All Phases of Construction

Our team has the backing, experience, and expertise to execute complex construction projects, ensuring quality, efficiency, and on-time completion.

Opportunistic Culture

Throughout our history and through multiple real estate cycles, Grand Investment Group has maintained a disciplined execution of real estate opportunities across the United States.

Having the in-house ability to handle all phases of the process, the result is quality investments in real property, and successful debt acquisitions in a timeline differentiating us from the rest.

Property Portfolio

Professional Plaza
Woodland Hills, California
Outlet Shoppes
At El Paso
El Paso, Texas
Vista Urbana Condominiums
Oxnard, California
Myrtle Beach Mall
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Gateway Building
El Paso, Texas
12017 Albers Street
Valley Village, California

Our Record of Success

Since 1990

We've Navigated Market Cycles

30+ Years

Of Experience
& Expertise


Of Successful Debt Acquisitions


Presence & Property Portfolio

Real Estate. Clearly.

Grand Investment Group is proud to be a part of the Peak Companies, a one-stop concept of real estate services providing the highest level of expertise for its clients.

Peak has assembled an unparalleled suite of real estate, financial, and related services, delivering comprehensive solutions for investors and consumers alike.

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